Were you duped by the world’s worst conman?

Mohammad Y Al Onaizi
4 min readFeb 6, 2021
Maybe a sharpie can help turn the election in his favor

If you ever tried starting a conversation with me about how good Trump is (or was) as President, then you would have noticed that my immediate reaction is silence, and there’s a reason for that; on numerous occasions, on a beautiful day, I would sit in the garden of our home with my late father, and he would start praising something Trump said or did, and a debate would ensue, which ended with neither of us changing our stance. But it was stressing me out trying to point out to my dad how horrible a human being trump is, and him not seeing it. So our debates in the garden turned into just my dad praising him and me staying silent and nodding my head because I just lost the strength to engage in that. So fast forward 3 years into Trump’s presidency and my dad would shock me with one question: “when are they gonna remove Trump?” And then it hit me, I finally realized that the best way to argue a Trump supporter is by letting them speak long enough for them to listen to what they are saying!

Where is the human being in Trump?

During the election season, a lot of old videos of previous election speeches were reposted on social media, and the one that still had me in awe as the first time I heard it, was John McCain’s 2008 concession speech, by far the best political speech I ever heard. He realized the cultural significance of Obama’s victory, and when his supporters booed at the mention of his name, he stopped them, and went on to recall Booker T. Washington’s dinner invite to the White House by President Roosevelt. Recalling that dinner and the furor it caused at the time, was his way of showing how much the country that he loved had overcome some of it’s racist ideologies, that an African American was going to the White House again, but not as a dinner invitee, but as President. His words, his true feelings were so pure that at the end of the speech when he mentioned Obama again his supporters applauded. John McCain was and will always will be one of the most respected politicians in American history, and this was evident when he passed away, with the outpouring of love from both sides of the aisle. Before his passing, he knew he was getting weaker and that his time was coming, so he made requests for his funeral. He requested that Presidents Bush and Obama give his eulogy. But he also requested that the now former president Trump not show up! Think about that for a second. Lets say you are having a party, and there is a person you don’t like, it would make sense for you not to invite him. But this is a funeral… how horrible of a human being do you have to be, to be told that even when I’m dead your presence will still bother me!?


This section will be short, in fact I won’t say anything, I will just show a few graphs that show Trump’s economic “achievements”.

Narcissists can’t handle failure

Expect lies to increase and to be repeated exponentially. They will, even in light of factual evidence to the contrary, lie more profusely and adamantly. Lies are and always will be the number one tool of the malignant narcissist.

Two weeks after election day, Biden was already declared as President-Elect, and he was congratulated by world leaders, and former President Bush, but Trump still kept tweeting that he won the election. The above quote is from a Psychology today article simply titled “When the Narcissist Fails”. Trump is a narcissist and he failed, so it’s not surprising that he was crying foul about the election outcome, and kept crying until he was dragged out of the White House on January 20th.

The shepherd is gone but his sheep are still wandering the Hill

I say good riddance but I have a feeling that Trump and Trumpism will stay for a while. Trump didn’t leave quietly and he made sure to inflict damage to America’s democracy on his way out. The January 6th Capitol Hill terrorist attack (call it what it is) will live in infamy, and be a lasting image of what happens when a democracy fails; a demagogue was allowed to hold the most sacred office in the land that is supposedly the world’s greatest democracy. I wrote a blog titled “America the Failed Democracy”, and in it, I point out the failure of American democracy in allowing Trump to run for office. After four long years of lies, division and hate-filled tweets, the most divisive President in American history finally left the post he should never have been allowed to run for.



Mohammad Y Al Onaizi

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