Hypocrisy, thy name is GOP

The past 4 years or so explained by looking at an empty seat.

February 2016, Justice Anthony Scalia passes away, and with over 200 days left until the elections, then President Obama had a Supreme Court seat to fill, but he wasn’t allowed to do so, because as the Republicans in the Senate put it, “A President can’t fill an empty seat in the Supreme Court in an Election year.” A new rule yes, but there might be some sense in what they were saying.

September 2020, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passes away, and with 40+ days until the elections, Republicans changed their minds, allowing Trump to nominate a judge to the empty seat. Surprising? Not really. Anyone who followed the obstinacy displayed by Republicans during Obama’s presidency should not be surprised by their change of heart. They even stopped going to Capital Hill, just so they could not hold a session to vote for Merrick Garland.

The man currently occupying the golf course… I mean White House, is a direct result of that obstinacy displayed by Republicans for 8 years. He is a dream for the Republican Party, even though they sometimes come up with halfhearted statements denouncing his behavior, they love him because he is a representation of what the Republican party is and wants to do; reversing many Obama era laws, and leading their crusade to eliminate Obamacare. They have been acting as cheerleaders for him to win a Nobel Peace Prize because Obama won it, so why wouldn’t they allow him to do something they vehemently said is not allowed to happen in an election year, and something they denied Obama to do.

There is an explanation to the hypocrisy displayed by the GOP, it’s simple, just look at the state of America now, the social problems, look at everything that Trump has done, the cult-like following he has built and what Republican Senators allowed him to do… there is a common denominator… White might it be you ask? Figure it out yourselves.

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Mohammad Y Al Onaizi

Published author of ‘Retribution’ available on Amazon. Aspiring screenwriter. I write blogs about my life, sports, and politics because that’s what I studied!