An Open Letter To Sen. John McCain

…From an Outsider

2008 was quite a memorable year for me. As an International Studies student in university, it was perfect timing that I was taking an American Government class at the same time that the elections were happening, being taught nonetheless by a former US State Representative. I was fully engrossed in every debate, interview, and gaffe by all the candidates that were running for the highest office in America. I was an Obama supporter and was really happy when he clinched his party’s nomination. When you did the same, I was happy because you became one of my favorite candidates and easily the most respected, qualified and likable one to come out of the GOP. I was happy because even if Obama had lost, he would have done so against a worthy and deserving opponent. Memories of the debates between the two of you is still in my mind, well some of it is. But one of the lines that I will always remember is during the town-hall debate when you were both asked to give your opinions about Russia. What you said was that when you looked Putin in the eyes the only thing you could see were the letters KGB. It was at the moment I knew that you were against Putin and everything that he stands for. Fast forward in time, you lost the election, and you gave one of the most beautiful speeches I have ever heard, and I again realized what every one could already see, that this is a man that loves his country.

Your opponent from that memorable year, ended his two terms and was followed by someone who embodies none of the grace, honor, respect, temperament, maturity, of not just his predecessor, but of all the candidates that I have ever seen run for the highest office in the land. There is no point in reminding you that he insulted you, along with pretty much everyone at one point in time. But what bothers me the most ever since he took office, is your lack of concern regarding the Russia investigation. Now I am looking at things from the outside so I might be wrong, and I am hoping that you are diligently on top of that investigation and getting up to date information on every new development. But if you aren’t, then why are you not concerned?

Ever since Trump took office, he has basically insulted everyone, most recently, the G7 allies and all you did was tweet your disapproval. He has never said a single bad thing about Putin. He has instead praised him along with other despots and dictators. Politicians flip-flop, and I have studied politics enough to know that its part of the game. But if I was asked to name an occasion where a politician did not change his stance on an issue, I would answer with McCain on Putin. You have always been against him, which is why I still don’t understand your soft reactions to Trump and Russia. I know you are fighting a tough battle at the moment and I wish you all the best and hope you can beat that. But you are still an active Senator, you can do more than tweet and release statements.

During my time learning about the United States, I learned about great men and women who have served their country admirably either by holding office or by their social activism. Some of them include yourself, Presidents Johnson and Reagan, Senator Ted Kennedy and Martin Luther King. Never in a million years will the current President be mentioned in the same breath as these great names, because he is a man who serves nothing but himself and his ego.

It is a sad time for your great country as everyday he continues to tarnish the oval office either by defending Nazis or tweeting more insults, all the while your country’s reputation is going further down the drain. Personally, I have stopped going on Twitter and following the news because of what I am seeing. The way he is behaving and the way the Republicans are turning a blind eye is embarrassing to witness. This was not the America that I admired and learned about. But the reason I am writing you this letter is because I feel that this nightmare of a presidency lies in your hands. You are the most respected Senator from either party, the second you come out and say that Trump needs to be impeached, I am sure everyone else will stand behind you. I still feel that you will do that, not because of his behavior but because of the Russia investigation, because of what you said in the town-hall debate all those years ago. I know that there is no way you will stay quiet if it turns out Putin is indeed controlling Trump.

That press conference in Helsinki must have been one of your proudest moments as an American, wasn’t it? Again, I was surprised to see you release a statement with hollow words to show your disapproval. You are an active Senator, you can do more than that! But it seems that the accusations that Putin might be controlling your President does not bother you enough to take action and you are just sticking with releasing more statements and tweets. But, like I said, I am looking at things from the outside so I hope that I am wrong and that you are more involved/concerned about the Russia investigation. But if you are not, and it turns out that Putin was controlling Trump, then since January 2017, Putin was your President! Or let me put it the way you referred to him in 2008; the man who when you looked him in the eyes you saw the letters KGB, was your President…and all you did was tweet! What a black mark to have on the legacy of an American hero.



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Mohammad Y Al Onaizi

Published author of ‘Retribution’ available on Amazon. Aspiring screenwriter. I write blogs about my life, sports, and politics because that’s what I studied!