America: The Failed Democracy

Mohammad Y Al Onaizi
6 min readOct 27, 2017

“America, I am confusion!”

God bless the woman that said that. She was right, not grammatically, but she was right. I have been following American politics for over 16 years, and it was an easy choice for me when i was in university to select History and International Studies as my major, with a focus on American Government. While i was studying, i saw that the US was the ideal example for other democracies to strive to be like. But 16 years after i first started following US politics, i am confusion! How has the world’s greatest democracy turned into a dictatorship? How is an egotistical maniac holding the same office that great men like Reagan and Roosevelt held? And why after 9 months of a shit-show of a presidency, is no one doing anything to remove him? I came to the conclusion that America is a failed democracy.

What is the greatest threat the US faces?

After the election of Obama in 2008, i saw a strange reaction by the Republicans. I understand that they are different parties, with different ideologies, but the way they stood against him made it seem as if it was a different country, not a party.

I remember in 2010, in an American Government class in University, the American professor asked us “what is the greatest threat the US faces?” Some answered North Korea, Iran, and Terrorism. But i answered the United States. The biggest threat that the ‘worlds greatest democracy’ faces is itself. That was a simple answer for me given how unified the Republicans were against their first black President. I immediately knew that if this wall (no pun intended) the Republicans built around them will remain, then it will damage the US. And this wall that was built in 2008 is still there today. Which is the only explanation as to why R’s don’t give a rats ass about this whole Russia thing. The investigation is looking into Russian meddling in your democracy, but no f*ck is given by them because the President is a Republican, and that’s all that matters.

The United States has become secondary to the interests of political parties.

Is it more important to be unified as Republicans than as Americans?

2016, America Elects a Dictator

Then the Trumpet came along, a man who could easily be a long lost brother of Muammar Gaddafi, a man who is allergic to facts, and in love with nothing but himself. I thought there was no way the world’s greatest democracy would allow such a man to come close to the highest office in the land. Don’t say ‘oh this is the beauty of democracy, anyone can run’, because i believe that the main goal of a democracy is to give people the power and to prevent the rise of dictators. Study the many dictators that the world has seen, especially the Arab ones like Assad, Saddam, and the aforementioned Gaddafi. What do they have in common with Trump? They are narcissistic! And you don’t need a psychology degree to see that. If i had a dollar for every tweet that Trump praised himself in, i would be as rich as him. That’s the main thing that shows someone is narcissistic, they like to portray themselves as better than they actually are. Having lunch with other R’s and the only thing he mentions after is that he got multiple standing ovations! Another thing that dictators have in common is that they always have a following, or sheep, that would stand by them no matter what, and prevent them losing their seat atop their throne. And looking at the above picture, i see a lot of sheep.

I know i am pointing the finger mostly at Republicans, but Democrats played a part in Trump becoming President. While they were arguing that Bernie was better than Hillary (and some are still arguing) and dividing the support, R’s rallied around Trump. Good job Dems!

While studying American Government, i learned how a bill becomes law. But after the Senate’s failed attempt at repealing Ocare, Trump just said “f*ck it, who cares about rules, i will do what i want”. That’s how dictatorships work, not democracies. Haven’t you noticed that almost all of the things he is focusing on are stuff made by his predecessor. Leaving the Paris Accord because he was elected to be President of Pittsburgh not Paris. Ending Ocare because it’s a ‘disaster’. Wanting to end Iran Deal because it’s ‘bad’. Has he ever given a logical explanation to any of his decisions? Why is it ‘bad’? Why is it a ‘disaster’? There is no logical explanation, the man just wants to soothe his own ego and end everything that Obama achieved. Again, that’s what dictators do, they only care about themselves. He classifies everything that is negative about him as fake, and only good press about him is real. Attacking people’s freedom to criticize him, and wanting them punished, when for 8 years he was the one doing the criticizing. But i think he’s too stupid to be classified as a dictator, he is just an egotistical, hypocritical idiot.

It’s good to see Flake and Corker finally speaking up, but i am not sure they should be applauded. I agree with most of what they said, in terms of Trump being reckless and the White House being a daycare. But what i don’t agree with, and what i believe to be a lie is them suggesting that they thought Trump would rise to the occasion, or that they expected better. Why? What did he do to make you think he would be better than what the world is seeing? They knew how crazy he is, but it was party before country; doesn't matter if he’s crazy, as long as he has an (R) next to his name. Or maybe i’m wrong and he did show that he was going to be a decent human being.

And he wasn’t acting like a child before, Sen. Corker?

Trump will not remain President forever (thank God), so what will happen after he is gone? the damage he has done to a country with a racist past will be hard to overcome again. Calling a black athlete that peacefully protests a ‘son of a bitch’, but white protesters that killed a woman as ‘very fine people’…what message does that send to kids? if you are white, you can run over a girl and i will defend you. But if you are black, i will tell your “owner” to order you to stand! But of course, its not about race!

I am gonna end this post similar to how i started. I enjoyed all my classes in university that looked at all the great individuals that had a role in shaping the great country of the United States of America. From Lincoln to FDR, Frederick Douglass (I had dinner with him last week, really great guy) to Rosa Parks. But future students are in for a treat when they learn about President Donald Trump.

(In the year 2100)

Student: “Covfee?”

Professor: “No, it has 2 f’s.”

Student: “What? How did they elect this guy to be President?”

Professor: “They didn’t, he got 62 million votes and the other candidate got 65.”

Student: “But i thought it was a democracy?”

Professor: “It was a failed democracy. Sad!”

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